Almost "from the cradle," my life has been associated with science and sports. My father, an enthusiast of many disciplines also took care that I fall in love with the sport.

At the age of 2 I was already skiing and at home practicing table tennis. On the court, I was waving my short wooden tennis racket which was shortened by my father.

At the age of 5 I began figure skating. On the ice I spent 4 seasons with my father, practicing tennis and table tennis at the same time.

After 4 years of adventure with figure skating, tennis and table tennis. I knew I wanted to play tennis... From that moment I began training with my father; regular workouts at a tennis club named "Lechia" Gdańsk.

At the same time as my sports career was developing, school education was not neglected. I seamlessly combined sport and science. All of primary school, secondary school and higher education (University of Physical Education and Sport, the J. Sniadecki in Gdansk-Oliwa) I finished with very good results.

Similarly, in the course of my tennis career I allocated top positions in the regional and national tournaments and championships (Polish classification on open courts and indoors in all age categories; in the individual, doubles and team events.)

Multiple times I won medals in Poland’s Championships events, in different age categories. I also competed successfully in youth and junior tournaments abroad. In 1997, I won an individual championship (Polish academic.)

From the club team "Lechia" Gdańsk I advanced to sports Division III (1990) to the first division (1992), along with the winning, team competition, twice in Poland’s Champions. Twice as Poland’s Team Champion "Lechia" Gdańsk, competed in the Club Cup, Tennis Europe: France and Spain. We took 3rd and 5th place.

My professional career finished in 2001.

In 2000 I finished university studies at University of Physical Education and Sports of the J. Sniadecki  in Gdansk-Oliwa with the assessment of "very good." During my studies I started my coaching career in my home town club "Lechia" Gdańsk in 19971998.

In the years 2001 - 2008 I was a club coach in KT "Arka" Gdynia. I worked with leading players in the country's under 12 and under 14.

Since 2002, I have been collaborating with the Polish Tennis Association.

First, I worked with players under 16 and under 18 (PZT-Prokom TEAM)

Jakub Nijaki ITF under 18 - singles: 139; doubles: 59

Grzegorz Panfil: ITF under 18 - 36

Pawel Syrewicz: ITF under 18 - 86

Mateusz Kowalczyk: ITF under 18 - 83

Marcin Gawron: ITF under 18 - 29.

Players from Team award-winning ITF tournaments under 18 in singles and doubles.

2003 Nijaki / Banas won the bronze medal in the Individual Under 18 European Championships in

2006 2003 Panfil / Koniusz won the junior Australian Open and Marcin Gawron reached the junior

finals at Wimbledon.

2005-2007 coach of Mariusz Fyrstenberg.

2006 - Assistant captain for the representation in Davis Cup competition.

From 2007 to current - Davis Cup Captain: record 12/7 (55/38).

November 2007-2011 Chief and Head Coach of National Tennis Center in Sopot.

From September 2009-December 2012 full time coach of Polish doubles - Fyrstenberg/Matkowski:

US Open 2011 - Runner up

Barclays ATP World Tour Finals - Runner up

ATP 1000 Madrid 2012 - Winners

ATP 500 Barcelona 2012- Winners

ATP 250 Eastbourne 2010 - Winners

4 time Runner up in ATP 1000 tournaments

5 time Quaterfinal Grand Slam

Ranked #4 ATP 2010

Marcin Matkowski/ Kveta Peschke US Open Mixed Doubles Finalists 2012

2013 Part-time coach for Fyrstenberg/Matkowski:

ATP 500 Hamburg 2013 Winners

2013 –current Part-time coach Matkowski

Ranked #7 ATP doubles 2015

Grzegorz Panfil Part-time coach ATP ranked: Singles # 279